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  "SCOTTY: - All systems automated and ready. A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her.
CAPTAIN KIRK: - Thank you, Mr. Scott. I'll try not to take that personally. " STAR TREK

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."  PETER DRUCKER, social ecologist

The following list presents some corporate practical opportunities are not only potential, but working models.
Commercial model  The forecasted values are based on the distribution of existing sales. The core of the model has a regression calculation (applying the method for costing is also available);
  • The regression is based on predefined seasonal periods;
  • The forecast can be adjusted by changing macroeconomic parameters;
  • Actual and planned data can analyzed and compared;
  • The turnover is calulated automatically by sales and COGS information,
  • You can switch the view between year-to-date and actual period.
Analysis efficiency of production line Efficiency analysis of labour on different part of production line
  • Calculation of average production time in different dimensions;
  • Using special KPIs based on production averages;
Distribution network model  Highly detailed accounting data was integrated into one system for the company group which has different information structures and different accounting software. The aim of the model is to achieve the consolidated controlling queries with multidimensional views.
  • Volume-price and accunting based budgeting system. The planned values can be imported by a special dataintegration solution.
  • The actual period results are determined with the difference of the year-to-date values of last two periods.
  • Multidimensional calulation for controoling needs;
  • Accounting and management reporting can be fulfilled on the same database;
  • Volume based dataimport and reporting system (sales volumes, capita, running service hours).
Model of a producer company
The stock evaluation is affected by sales, inventory and purchasing data. Complete business budgeting can be developed for products and semi-finished goods manufacturing with bill of materials
  • Credit-debit, and cash-flow calulation;
  • Sales revenue (gross sales price - cost of sales);
  • Using EUR, USD, HUF currency exchange rates for material and stock evaluation;
  • Direct and indirect costs allocated to products (eg, inventory deviances);
  • Preserving earlier periods result, we can import base data in year-to-date; 
  • Accounting internal material usage;
  • Production costs analysis according to the BOM structure;
  • specific reports and calculations.
Standard cost calculation model
The values of goods and the produced semi-finished products are calculated as the costs of profit centers, cost centers, used energy and material component, allocated general ledger values;
  • Calulating the material usage and indrect cost per unit;
  • Direct and indirect costs for allocation.
Model of higher education institutions  Planning yield and break even points for self-made programs and its follow-up
  •  Scheduling rooms, teachers and calulating the cost of the resources;
  •  Allocated cost (realted to accrediting the training);
  •  Calculating turnover on capta and the amount of allowances.
We can apply Your business model in multi-dimensional environment!
A pilot project scope or model can be developed after a personal consultation.